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Test Vape UK CBD Pen

Vape UK CBD Pen

Vape UK CBD Pen





Vape UK’s CBD Pen is ideal if you’re keen to get vaping, but you’re on a budget. It’s not as stylish as some of the other models on this list, but it still works well. The refillable tank can hold up to 1.3ml of e-liquid and the coils can easily be replaced. I found that the coils didn’t last as long as others, but I still managed to get at least two months use out of one before having to change it.

It’s 14mm wide and 136mm long, which makes it smaller than the T18ii but slightly fatter than the slimmer options listed here. Although this makes it somewhat less discreet, I found it more comfortable to use and the extra width in the tank makes it a lot easier to fill. To turn it on just push the button three times and then hold it down as you inhale. There’s nothing flash here, but it comes with detailed instructions that walk you through everything, so it’s well suited to beginners.


Tank type: Refillable

Capacity: 1.3ml

Size: 14mm wide and 136mm long

Battery: 0 volt rechargeable battery with USB charger

Body material: Metal construction

Colour: Black, but other colours are available

Warranty: 28 day parts


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